From independent film to marketing, I am a video story creator in love with the profound.   I have deep experience as a videographer, interviewer, and creative editor.  I believe profoundness is everywhere, and can be revealed through a great story, beauty, music, and light.



My foundational experience was with CBC TV, where as a Video Journalist, I shot and edited  more than 1,000 TV stories for local and national broadcast.  I won awards for my journalism, including for the Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper.  I have also worked with broadcasters internationally, including Danish and Japanese TV.


Closer to home in Vancouver, I have directed dozens of brand films video for marketing campaigns, and have worked closely with institutions and marketing agencies, to help reach new audiences.


I am also active in B.C.’s film industry as a film lighting technician and creative editor.  I am a LX permittee with IATSE 891,  


With Digital Marketing training, I am expert in social media trends, and crafting engaging content for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.  One viral video I crafted skyrocketed to 1.6 million hits. One secret to viral content: a mix of highly activating emotions and surprise.


Mychaylo is- pronounced ‘ma-KYE-lo,’

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I was a CBC TV reporter for 9 years, between 2004-2013, producing +1,000 TV stories for daily local and national broadcast.

I also edited several current affairs films (short docs) for national broadcast.

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Mychaylo Creative Inc.

Vancouver, Canada 

Filmmaker, Film Lighting, Editor

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